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How To Quit Smoking - Don't Replace One Poison With Another

Health problems related to smoking and tobacco are well known. Endless lists associated with cigarette toxic effects, but if you want to know how to stop and then one thing you should know is that you should not replace one with the other poison.
Nicotine has good use as an insecticide for fruit and vegetables. So nicotine is perfect to kill insects that want to eat our food. The use of nicotine to help people quit smoking is not only ineffective, it is dangerous to your health.
Recent academic studies have shown that trying to dose yourself with insecticide through nicotine replacement therapy has no beneficial effect at all.
Leave a known pharmaceutical drug is associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, since smoking is a risk factor for heart disease itself, its a crazy anti-tobacco drug that increases heart risk 72% could never be considered safe for consumption. And the risk continues for 12 months after you stop using it.
In studies with placebo was effective in 15% of smokers and the same drug was effective in only 23% after one year. The story here is of a large pharmaceutical company to introduce the drug in Australia under which is a new class of drugs that have no security problem.
Another quit over the drug with a questionable safety record is also an antidepressant that can cause headaches, insomnia, nausea, constipation and even convulsions at high doses.
Unfortunately, for legal reasons, these drugs can not be named.
I'm sure you can see that pharmaceutical options for smoking cessation will just make the situation worse. Your body is already stress smoking, why he was asked by the use of harmful chemicals to quit.
None of these drugs can answer fundamental questions of triggers created by repeated thousands of associations, such as smoking with coffee, while driving or when you are stressed. These connections are deep in your subconscious mind.
The scientifically proven to release these method is hypnosis. Quick Change hypnosis, hypnotic methods combined with advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming to create effective results for smokers.
It is only when triggers are resolved and new positive suggestions for smokers allowed to enter your subconscious all the old reasons and excuses to smoke away, and you begin to see the world through the eyes a non-smoker. And of course, enjoy all the benefits of fresh air.

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