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death rates of smoking - Learn the negative effects of millions of people.

death rates of smoking

"death rates of smoking"

There is an ongoing debate in Bulgaria to back legislation already passed to ban smoking in public places death rates of smoking.

This debate has intensified with the realization of the general election and the formation of a new government. One of the first initiatives of the Socialist Party of foreground (BP) to liberalize smoking in public places death rates of smoking.

This initiative shone a wave of controversy extensively in the local media. The debate about smoking is ongoing.

Death rates of smoking , Health grouper an international research project on health services, conducted a quick survey of doctors in Bulgaria to assess their attitudes about snuff and debate death rates of smoking.

The study was designed to assess the views of physicians regarding the new government initiative to allow smoking in public places death rates of smoking.

Largest database of verified email addresses of doctors of Southeast Europe including Bulgaria Health grouper possession death rates of smoking.

A brief questionnaire consisted of only eight questions was distributed to 300 randomly selected physicians, of whom 150 participated in the survey.

This press release presents preliminary data only. At the end of the week Health grouper publish its full report will also include data from the general population death rates of smoking.

Death rates of smoking -  Our study population consisted of 200 physicians, 46% were women and 54% were men. The vast majority of physicians surveyed were specialists (76.8%) representing different specialties across the country.

Only 12.4% of physicians surveyed were GPs. About 9% of the participants were dentists. The average age of physicians was 50.6 years - death rates of smoking.

When asked if they are current smokers, more than two thirds or 73% of physicians surveyed said they are non-smokers, while less than a third (27%) confirmed that they are smokers(death rates of smoking).

Also asked doctors to express their opinion on the health consequences of smoking if amending legislation death rates of smoking. Table 4 shows the distribution of medical responses to this question.

death rates of smoking - A majority of 63% of the doctors said the health consequences of the population would be negative if you stop legislation.

Health grouper Comments - death rates of smoking.

death rates smoking - According to recent data, the euro, one of the most important in overall mortality in Bulgaria who smoke risk factors death rates of smoking.

death rates smoking - A recent WHO report "attributable mortality" estimates that smoking is responsible for one in three deaths in Bulgaria in the group of 30 and 44, and two deaths in the age group of 45-59 years. In Bulgaria, 82% of deaths from cancer of the trachea, bronchus and lung are due to the average standardized mortality rate of snuff for related causes use.

death rates smoking - The Bulgarian snuff in 2011 was estimated at 317/100 000, almost twice the average for the EU. The following table shows the distribution of standardized mortality rates from smoking-related causes Bulgaria and selected countries death rates of smoking.

death rates of smoking -  The latest data available on the prevalence of smoking in the European health survey revealed that 40.5% of men and 18.9% of women are daily smokers in Bulgaria death rates smoking.

This is triple the rate of the U.S. adult population is estimated at 19.8%. Moreover, according to the latest data available Aerodrome "survey attitudes of Europeans towards snuff" Bulgaria has the highest proportion of smokers with Greece, which is No. 1 in Europe death rates of smoking.

death rates of smoking - Daily use of the manufacture of cigarettes is higher in Bulgaria with 94% of smokers who use these products every day.

These statistics death rates of smoking.

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