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death smoking - Important things, including the subject of smoking statistics.

death smoking

"death smoking"

If you smoke, here are some ideas ...

Life expectancy

Cot death smoking.

Death smoking If you were to study the mortality of smokers and non-smokers, you will see that, on average, the group of smokers die younger than about six years.

If we can estimate the number of cigarettes smoked per group of smokers death smoking, who would be able to make an estimate of how long, on average, a cigarette reduces your life.

This study was published in January 2000, the magic number is 11 minutes (3). I should mention the table "income opportunity" in the original article death smoking - examples of things you can add to your life by not smoking:

Cot death smoking.

1 cigarette - Call a friend, read a newspaper, quite frantic sex
Pack of 20 - Titanic Watch death smoking, run the London Marathon, antic sex
Box 200 - A very serious day of shopping, opera by Wagner, round the world.
Cot death smoking.Death smoking says scientists are boring? I do not know about you but the idea of weeding lost in a shopping spree seriously death smoking, enough for me to put the box on the floor! Actually I have to wonder if all these are examples of the personal experiences of the authors death rate from smoking .

Cot death smoking.

Eleven minutes of life is obviously a very rough estimate death smoking, and involve a lot of things to get to that number, but the value of this number is not in their accuracy, but in its ability to bring a sense of immediacy effect smoking has death smoking. I guess if not multitask while smoking, so technically, you could add the time needed cigarette smoking every 11 minutes.

hope of death - Death smoking.

Death smoking So you might think, died 6.5 years less, there is a big difference right? But you must remember this number only says that the average age of death, and not the number of people in each group died death rate from smoking, which actually was three times higher in the group of smokers death smoking. Smokers die younger and are three times more likely to kick the bucket death rate from smoking.

Death rate from smoking study followed women from 1980 to 2004. Of the 104,519 women followed (not literally, actually), the mortality rate was:

Never smoked - 9.2% - death smoking.
Former smokers - 12.1% - death smoking.
Current smokers - 18.8% - death smoking.

Death rate from smoking What is the cause of the higher mortality rate among smokers? Why smoking-related diseases, of course, such as vascular disease, heart disease, respiratory diseases, lung cancer death smoking.

Cot death smoking.

Death smoking. This is a problem, is not it? You could take the position that death is natural and part of life, and some people to accept / fear more than others, but overall, is positive death smoking. Unless you have the ability to rise from the dead - and historically, few people have done death rate from smoking - is a problem death smoking. It is estimated that smoking caused premature deaths 4,830,000 in 2000. In other words death rate from smoking, if the 4.83 million people who do not smoke, they would be dead before them, through some other cause death smoking.Death rate from smoking -  I heard a very interesting rationalization for smoking once, which is that we have a demographic problem that happens in the world and if everyone would let the problem death smoking. Umm, smoking will not help you with this death rate from smoking , a large part of the population peaks occur in the poorest countries, you know, those who can not afford food, let alone cigarettes (even though, according to some death smoking, this does not prevent tobacco companies try to sell). Sorry!

I hope you like the article on the subject death smoking.


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