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smoking introduction - The Introduction of Plain Cigarette Packaging.

smoking  introduction

smoking  introduction

smoking  introduction

Removing branding from cigarette packs

The Government of Australia is about to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes. It's a bold move and not without risks. Snuff companies shall do everything in their collective power to prevent this from happening . Already have launched a campaign of media and launch a lawsuit. It is inevitable that the Australian government get their way and "Big Tobacco" throw a lot of money and resources in the country . The pro-smoking lobby has great power and can enjoy a degree of political favor. The snuff industry is indeed a "big business" and much is at stake

The world watches and waits

Of course smoking introduction , the world will be watching with great interest. If Australians are successful, other Western governments tend to follow. The New Zealand government has already agreed in principle to the introduction of plain cigarette packs smoking introduction.

The concern, of course, is whether the tobacco companies then exceed the Australian government could end up with legal and compensation costs estimated to go into the billions of dollars smoking introduction, this cost will ultimately be borne by the paying public taxes.

Reducing consumption of snuff?

smoking introduction The argument in favor of neutral fitness centers in the belief that unmarked packets will be less attractive to potential customers. I suspect that normal packages will have no practical effect on heavy smokers addicted to nicotine smoking introduction.

However, his loyalty to a particular brand can be tested smoking introduction. In fact, the packet loss of the brand can lead to a price war between the tobacco companies. No distinctive marking packets smoking introduction, cigarette choice may come down to price.

If this happens then become cheaper cigarettes. A major obstacle for smokers is the high price of snuff. Most Western countries have implemented successive and punitive tax increases to make the product more attractive to the paying public smoking introduction.

Snuff 'price war' could undermine the incentives and provide smokers with an excuse not to quit smoking introduction. Also expected to make simple packages that smoking cigarettes less attractive to young, first-time smokers. The reasons young smokers develop the habit in the first place is due to a number smoking introduction, and often interacting factors.

 It is my fervent hope that plain packaging will be a real obstacle to young people from starting to smoke smoking introduction, even though I'm not entirely convinced that you will have practical benefits. If plain cigarette packaging becomes a reality, then it will be interesting to see if in fact corresponds to a decrease in the incidence of smoking smoking introduction, especially among young people.

Governments, smoking and money

Governments have always been mixed when it comes snuff smoking introduction. In passive smoking is certainly important and preventable ill health easiest factor to a nation, there are significant health costs attributed to the consumption of snuff smoking introduction.

Well, this is offset to some extent by the fact that a smoker will die prematurely from their habit. On the one hand, and a cynical economic standpoint smoking introduction, it saves money on pensions. On the other hand, there is no denying that governments receive huge tax on snuff.

A good use of resources?

Ultimately smoking introduction, I believe that the resources of a country would be better placed in the programs tested against snuff and people-oriented, based prevention and especially young people , to get into the habit in the first place smoking introduction. I do not think ordinary cigarette packages have that effect. Although this time, I am more than happy to be in contradiction.

George Davis is a professional scientist with 25 years of experience as a specialist in human genetics. His passion is to help smokers kick their deadly habit smoking introduction. If you are a smoker and you are serious about quitting then visit tips to help you quit smoking for any help and advice meaningless.

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