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box smoking - using a smoker box on your grill.

box smoking
"box smoking"

So, you bought a high end gas barbeque grill and it came with a smoker box. The smoker box doesn't look like much - what are you supposed to do with it anyway? You're supposed to use it to create some incredible steaks box smoking, chops, ribs and roasts - that's what!

The smoker box is usually small and looks somewhat insignificant box smoking. Not so - it's a work horse intended to hold flavored wood chips - hickory is the one that generally comes to mind. But just adding the wood chips and placing them on your gas barbeque grill won't get the job done box smoking. Great smoked meat is the result of a great cut of meat (fresh, not frozen),

good spices, heat control, timing and smoke. Having a great outdoor gas grill like the SUN 5 Burner Infrared Grill is a bonus, but you can get the job done on an inexpensive two burner grill as well box smoking. As an aside - if you don't have a smoker box, a heat resistant ceramic bowl will work just as well!

What Wood Should You Choose - box smoking

Let's talk about the smoke first - it's definitely the easiest item to control box smoking. Always make sure you use only seasoned - not "green" - hardwood chips or chunks. Good choices are hickory, oak, cherry, mesquite or maple box smoking.

These can generally be found in season wherever barbeque accessories are sold - think your local hardware or big box store box smoking.

Under no condition should you try to smoke with the softwoods found in your yard (firs, pines, cedar, spruce, etc) box smoking. These will leave a very bitter taste in the meat and could even be toxic to human beings box smoking.

How to Use Your box smoking

box smoking About an hour before you want to begin grilling, soak the wood chips in hot water.

It's the release of the flavored steam from the chips that develops the smoky taste in the meat box smoking.

While the chips are soaking, remove the meat from the refrigerator. Remove any large pieces of extra fat, leaving a small amount to "self-baste" the meat box smoking. Next, prepare your favorite rub - using the freshest spices available.

 A basic rub good for most meats is:

The Best Outdoor Grills Rub - box smoking.

1/4 cup dark brown sugar, packed - box smoking.

1/4 cup sea salt - box smoking.

1/4 cup Sweet Hungarian paprika - box smoking.

3 T freshly ground pepper - box smoking.

2 T dried onion flakes - box smoking.

1 T garlic powder - box smoking.

1/2 T cayenne pepper - box smoking.

1/ 4 t cinnamon - box smoking.

A pinch of nutmeg - box smoking.

box smoking Mix the spices together well. Rub (really rub) a light coating of the spices into the grain of the meat, covering all sides. Let the meat rest until the grill is ready, allowing the meat to come to room temperature slowly box smoking.

Prep the Grill - box smoking.

Next, prep the grill. Great smoked meat is always, always cooked using the indirect heat method box smoking. This means the meat is never placed directly over the fire - it is placed next to the fire so that the meat can cook slowly for that great smoked taste.

 To prep the grill, light the left hand side of the grill, keeping the fire itself low box smoking. A temperature of 180 to 220 degrees is perfect. Put the pre-soaked chips into the smoker box, next to the flame. Place a shallow pan of hot, hot water on the indirect heat side of the grill box smoking.

Close the gas grill and let the smoke get started box smoking. This is the last time you'll have anything to do with the wood chips. Too much smoke will make your meat taste bitter.

As the barbeque grill comes to temperature it's time to prepare the basting sauce box smoking. Your basting sauce should be vinegar and water based (to help tenderize the meat) and the spices should always compliment your rub box smoking.

The Best Outdoor Grills Basting Sauce - box smoking.

1/2 cup of cider vinegar - box smoking.

1/2 cup water - box smoking

3 T brown mustard - box smoking.

3 T olive oil - box smoking.

1 T garlic powder - box smoking.

1 T chili powder - box smoking.

1 t cayenne - box smoking.

A dash of cinnamon - box smoking.

A pinch of nutmeg - box smoking.

In a bowl, mix the ingredients together well. You will be dipping your basting mop into this bowl and then onto the meat and back into the sauce, cross contaminating the sauce box smoking.

This mop sauce should never be served at the table with the meat box smoking. If you want extra sauce for the table, double the recipe saving half in a separate bowl box smoking.

Grill the Roast - box smoking.

Now it's time to grill the meat. Place a metal rack (like a cake cooling rack) on top on the pan with the heated water. Put the meat on the rack box smoking, fat side up.

Close the lid and resist peeking. Every time you lift the lid you lose precious heat. After 30 minutes, it's time to open the grill and baste the meat. While the barbeque grill is open, check the temperature, making sure it's between 180 and 220 degrees box smoking.

Close the gas barbeque grill, repeating the basting every half hour. You have plenty of time to spare - this requires time and patience to produce that great rib or roast box smoking.

You should plan on three to five hours of grilling time.

When you're preparing a roast, a good meat thermometer is a must. When the fat on top of the roast begins to look like pork rind, check the internal temperature for doneness box smoking.

145 degrees is perfection. Allow your roast to rest for 20-30 minutes before serving. This will help it retain those delicious juices. Then - slice, serve and enjoy box smoking.

Grill Ribs - box smoking.

If you're preparing ribs, you know they're done when the meat is pulling away from the bones. Remove them from the grill and serve immediately box smoking. Bring the extra sauce you prepared in advance to the table for those who enjoy that extra juicy, spicy taste.

This method of grilling requires time and patience and is well worth the effort box smoking. You'll be rewarded with the best piece of meat you've ever grilled!

Take the time to practice with you box smoking You'll be rewarded once you master the cooking method.

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Happy Grilling...

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