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smoking diseases - Smoking Diseases: A Few Good Reasons To Quit Smoking Now.

smoking diseases

"smoking diseases"            
Smoking causes many diseases smoking diseases. Some of these diseases include COPED (Cardio), CF (congestive heart failure), lung cancer smoking diseases, asthma, pneumonia and emphysema, diseases that are associated with smoking may cause lung.

Other medical conditions caused or contributed to cigarettes are multiple blood pressure smoking diseases, blood clots, Stokes, cancers of the mouth and stomach, and other cancers, birth defects, low birth weight, premature delivery, spontaneous abortion smoking diseases. Smoking can also cause bad breath, taste different things, and the house and clothes smelled like smoke.

diseases from smoking the best way..

COPED (Cardio) - smoking diseases
Cardio pulmonary disease is a serious disease of the lungs and the heart and blood flow smoking diseases. COPED causes respiratory problems and makes the ability of hair to make blood oxygen. The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the capillaries are not exchanged efficiently smoking diseases.

diseases from smoking what to do ?

CF - smoking diseases.
CF (congestive heart failure) is heart disease smoking diseases. This causes not enough blood circulating in the body and also causes heart tissue to die slowly. Also causes heart swelling due to not being able to circulate blood correctly lower extremities smoking diseases. This also causes an accumulation of fluid around the heart and can cause heart failure.

diseases from smoking how to ?

Lung and other cancers - smoking diseases.
Cancer caused by smoking is caused by carcinogens in cigarettes. Carcinogens are cancer agents that are inhaled from cigarettes and can also enter the body through the snuff is smoked in a pipe smoking diseases, cigar or chewing cause.

Oral cancer is most likely caused by chewing snuff smoking cigarettes, but cancers of the mouth, throat and stomach can be caused by cigarettes too smoking diseases. Carcinogens in the body can be installed anywhere and do any type of cancer.

diseases from smoking that like :

Asthma, pneumonia and emphysema - smoking diseases.

Asthma is a lung disease in which the constriction and bronchial spasm smoking diseases. This narrowing of the airways that causes difficulty breathing and lack of oxygen in the body and organs smoking diseases.

Asthma also causes the alveoli (small nodules in the lungs place of oxygen in the bloodstream) to the lungs fill with mucus and affects its ability to transfer oxygen into the bloodstream smoking diseases.

Asthma extremes can cause the patient to be incubated to help him breathe. Severe asthma attacks can also cause pneumonia developing smoking diseases. Pneumonia is fluid in the lungs that causes the lungs not being able to fill with oxygen because of fluid in the lungs.

In both asthma attacks and pneumonia oxygen levels in the blood can be reduced to the point of death smoking diseases. Oxygen levels are monitored closely for these two as well.

diseases from smoking the best

Asthma and pneumonia can both be corrected if the patient stops smoking smoking diseases. Lung damage can be reversed if caught in time slowly and the patient stops smoking early. Emphysema is, however, is not reversible smoking diseases. Emphysema is permanent damage to the lungs caused by smoking and asthma and repeated episodes of pneumonia.

diseases from smoking for life:

This damage is scare the lungs, resulting in a loss of elasticity of the lungs smoking diseases. Emphysema also causes the loss of elasticity of the lungs, alveoli in the lungs can not be fully deflated and therefore the patient can not get enough oxygen in the lungs due to the age of the air in the lungs smoking diseases. Emphysema causes difficulties also exhale completely due to loss of elasticity of the lungs.

diseases from smoking

Air ancient remains in the lungs and alveoli and make it more difficult for cells to exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen in the lungs smoking diseases. This makes the rest of the body does not get enough oxygen to function. The patient has difficulty breathing because of these conditions smoking diseases.

Arterial sclerosis and stroke and blood clots in the body and lungs - smoking diseases.

diseases from smoking Arterial sclerosis occurs when arteries are blocked by fats which are then transformed into plate and causes hardening of the arteries smoking diseases. This plaque causes the arteries to clog arteries and causes no longer carry blood to different parts of the body diseases from smoking.

Smoking contributes to arterial sclerosis smoking diseases, making the blood more sticky and combined with cholesterol in the blood and becomes the plate diseases from smoking. Smoking increases the chances that these plaques that accumulate in the arteries smoking diseases, and other factors diseases from smoking.

These plaques can break off and become blood clots that completely block arteries smoking diseases. Blood clots can also cause strokes. The breakdown of these parts of the plate and become a blood clot can enter the lungs or brain blocks oxygen-rich blood to get where they need to be for normal function smoking diseases.

diseases from smoking Blood clots can occur anywhere in the body and cause inflammation and other symptoms depending on which houses the clot smoking diseases. Blood clots in the lungs can also cause death smoking diseases.
that the best way to do smoking diseases.

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